Digital Distribution

Single - $15 | Album - $35

Upon first glance of our pricing, you might say, "Hmm, that's about the same as everyone else."

While that appears true on the surface, let's dig a little deeper. When choosing a Digital Distribution service for your release, there are some very important key items to look for:

Setup/Submission Fee

Monthly/Yearly Fee

UPC Code Fee

Bar Code Fee

Sound Scan Registration Fee

So...Let's compare! Below are the top Digital Distribution Companies and their current service prices. We will break down the cost of distribution for an album over a two year period.


Hopefully you can see that, even though most distribution companies charge similar amounts upfront, they overload you with up-charges and fees. We want you to feel confident when releasing your music and not second guessing yourself wondering if you should have paid the extra fee for that add on service. We give you the best service at the best price. Period. 


More Info & FAQs


What stores will my music be distributed to?

  • Your music will be distributed to all of the Major Digital Download sites including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon mp3, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, and many more.

How do I get everything submitted for the distribution (artwork, audio files, etc.)? 

  • Once we have received your submission form and payment, you will receive a secure upload link (sent to your email) to a custom online folder. There, you will be able to upload all necessary materials for the release of your music. We cannot begin the distribution process until we have received ALL necessary materials for the distribution. We must receive all materials at least 1 week prior to your street date or your music may not be available on your street date.

Will my music be available in all the Major Digital Download sites on the street date I select? 

  • All of the music stores take different amounts of time to complete the distribution process for their particular site. Most of the major music sites (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify) only take a few days to complete the process once they have received your music. We have had much success submitting music for distribution one week prior to the street date. While we cannot guarantee your music will appear in all of the stores if submitted one week prior, most of the time, it is sufficient. If you would like all of the stores to have adequate time in processing your music and provide a better chance that your music will appear in all of the stores on your street date, please allow at least two weeks between the completion of your submission process and your street date.

How long until my music is available on the download sites? 

  • After we have received everything for the distribution of your album (artwork, audio files, etc.), it usually takes around 4-6 days for the stores to receive your music. Each music store can take different amounts of time to make it available on their site. iTunes is usually the first to have it available, and it usually only takes a day or two once they have received it.

Do I have to have ISRC/UPC Codes for distribution? 

  • Yes. But unlike other distribution companies, we provide ISRC codes for your songs and a UPC code for your project at no extra charge. If you have your own ISRC/UPC Codes you would like to use, you can enter those on your submission form.

What kind of audio files do you accept? 

  • We accept .mp3 or .wav files. They must be in this format:

    • 16 bit

    • 44.1 kHz sample rate

    • 2 channel stereo

How should my artwork be formatted? 

  • Your artwork should be a square image with dimensions of a minimum 600x600 pixels at 72 dpi.

  • File type should be .jpeg

  • Your artwork CANNOT contain:

    • website or other links

    • track listings

    • biographical information

    • contact information

    • credits

    • copyright/publishing

How will I know how many downloads or streams I have had? 

  • We do sales reporting each month. Due to reporting schedules of the online music stores, our reports are period based and processed two months after the music sales.

  • For example: For downloads and streams that happened in May, your report for those will be available by August 15th.

  • We also offer Current Reporting. This service allows you to see your unofficial download and stream totals within 1 week. This service is $10 per month.

Purchase Current Reporting

How long will my music be distributed? 

Your music will remain distributed until you decide to terminate your distribution. To terminate your current distribution, click here.

Can I distribute a project in the "Classical" genre?

  • We do not distribute music in the classical genre.

How long can my tracks be? 

  • Any single submission that includes a track that is 10 minutes or longer will be considered an album and you will have to pay the full album price of $25.

  • If you submit an album that includes tracks that are 10 minutes or longer, you will be charged an additional $5 per track that is 10 minutes or longer.


Getting Paid

How much do I get paid? 

  • We pay 95% of all sales and royalties we receive for your music. For example: If iTunes sells your song for $1.29, we receive $.76 and pay you 95% of the $.76.\

When do I get paid?

  • We do our reporting and payments monthly. Due to reporting and payment schedules of the online music stores, our reports and payments are period based and processed two months after the music sales. Our reporting periods are based on calendar months. Our reports and payments are made available by the 15th of each month.

  • For example: For sales in May, your sales report and payment will be available by August 15th.

How do I get paid?

  • We make payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, it is free to set one up and can be done at


Artist Page

What is an Artist Page?

  • An Artist Page is a personal page for your music on our website. You will receive a personalized Artist Page url ( that you can send your fans to purchase your music, download your music, stream your music, and more.

How do I create an Artist Page?

  • You don't have to do anything! We handle all of the creation for you.

How much does it cost?

  • It's free! Any artist that distributes music through us receives a free Artist Page.

How long will my Artist Page last? 

  • Your Artist Page will last until you decide to terminate your distribution.

How do I get content and information onto my artist page? 

  • When you submit your distribution form, you will be directed to submit an Artist Page form as well. This will provide all the information we need for your Artist Page. You will also receive a link in your email to a secure folder where you will upload all materials for your distribution (artwork, audio files, etc.). This folder is also where you will upload any content (images, links, etc.) for your Artist Page.