Download Cards


100 Cards - $35

Look professional. Be professional. Our Download Cards are designed to represent you well as an artist and to create an easy download process for your fans. By simply uploading your artwork, name, song title, genre, and location, your Download Cards are ready to be printed and shipped.


Their Prices

Our Prices

100 - $35

250 - $75

500 - $100

1,000 - $175

2,500 - $300

5,000 - $500


Why Standard Download Cards Don't Work

  • We believe Download Cards should be free for the fan. Let's be honest; when fans spend money, they want something physical, not a download.
  • Standard download cards typically have a different code on the back of each card and only offer 2-3 downloads with that code. But, if someone wants to share your music and help build a bigger fan base for you, why stop them? 
  • And if you're giving away your Download Cards, why spend the extra money to have those different codes on every single card? 
  • Using standard download cards limits you to how many downloads you can have. Once you run out of cards, you either have to buy more cards or purchase more codes to email/text out. 

Why We Believe in Wavmuv Download Cards

  • Our Distributed Download Cards are ALWAYS FREE for the fan. Obviously, you can sell them if you so choose, but we have seen a much better turn over just simply giving them away. 
  • Our Download Cards all have the same code on the back. This is great for multiple reasons. First, there's only one code you have to keep up with! And you get to create it! This means you have the ability to give away UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS. Even after you give away all of your cards, your online Wavmuv Artist Page will still be active and allow downloads to anyone who has that code. So if you decide to send out an email blast or text all your friends and family, you can easily send out 1 CODE to everyone at anytime.
  • Our Download Cards are cheaper. Easy enough. 
  • We create a personalized online Wavmuv Artist Page for you and your music. On this page, you can offer other streamable or downloadable music, direct people to your Facebook page, Instagram, music on iTunes, or whatever you choose. This page is where everyone will go to enter the code and download your song.
  • You receive an immediate email when someone downloads your song with their name, location, and email. This is a great way to build a relationship and CONNECT WITH YOUR FANS