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Our Download Codes work a little differently than most sites you'll buy them from. Usually, you can buy code packages of 300 to as many as you want, and you have to give out each individual code to different people. It can be daunting and time consuming, and let's face it, striving artists don't have time to sift through hundreds or thousands of codes to give out and keep track! 

Wavmuv offers 1 Download Code per song. That's it. 1 Code. Our main goal is to help you build fans and reach more people by offering a free download of your song. There's no need for thousands of different codes. If people want to share or download the song multiple times, that's great, and it helps you build more passionate fans!

That's why we allow you to give the 1 code away AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. And instead of spending upwards of $100 for a few thousand codes, you can get a code for your song or even a full album for only $20. But that's not all you'll get.

We think it's important for artists to not only sound professional and have great music, but to look professional as well. So Wavmuv will create and host an Artist Page for you with links to your social media, Spotify, iTunes, etc. and keep it active for an entire year. How much extra is that you ask? No worries, it's already included in the $20. And, if you want to keep it active after the first year, it's only a $10 per year renewal.

When your new fans download your song, they will also receive an email with a coupon code that they will be able to use at one of our online Partners

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Let's compare!

Typical Download Code Sites

  • Limited downloads based on how many codes you buy
  • Hundreds or thousands of different codes to send out and keep up with
  • Expensive when wanting to reach more fans (which is the main purpose anyway)

Wavmuv Download Codes

  • Unlimited downloads
  • 1 Code (and did we mention you get to create it?)
  • $20 for unlimited downloads ($10 yearly renewal)
  • Personal Artist Page to direct fans to more of your music and merch where you can offer your music for sell, streaming, or downloading
  • Being part of our Wavblast! community
  • Discounted rates when packaged with other distribution options 

Our aim is to help you build fans. Hopefully you can see our desire to do so in what we offer and charge. We love new artists and want to use every avenue we can to see them flourish.

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