Owners, Mike Cochran and T.K. King, have a combined 20+ years of performing as artists and know how tough it can be building a music career. Wavmuv was created to help rising artists with the not so glamorous part of the music industry. While some artists may enjoy some of the aspects of releasing and distributing their music, most find it time consuming and sometimes extremely confusing. Mike and T.K. both experienced building their careers from the ground up and handling most of it on their own. It's not easy. Wavmuv will come along side you in your music career, whether you're just starting out or have an established following, and hopefully make your life easier and help take care of all the behind the scense work. 


"We know the struggle of building a career in music, and it can be so disheartening to want to accomplish so much but not have the resources or knowledge to do so. Through Wavmuv, we want to come along side each artist and help them in the areas they need it. We aren't a label, but we work as hard as one."

- T.K. King, Co-owner, Wavmuv