You made your music.

Sit back and let us handle the rest. 

  • Digital Distribution,

  • Physical Manufacturing,

  • Download Cards,

  • And Everything In Between.



Let the world hear your music. By distributing your music through Wavmuv's online distribution, your music will be available in all of the Major Digital Music Stores as well as your own Artist Page on On your Artist Page, you can choose to make your music available for streaming, sell your music, or give away free downloads. How will you reach your fans? 


Give your fans something to hold on to. There's something special about having physical copies of your music, and we want to make that process as easy as possible. Need 50 CDs duplicated and packaged in a Full Color Cardboard Sleeve? No problem. Need 1000 CDs replicated and packaged in a 8-Panel Digipack? You got it! From DDP File Creation all the way to Graphic Design, Wavmuv's team of professionals will make printing your physical CDs a breeze. 

Physical Manufacturing Background 3.jpg


We believe Download Cards should be free for the fan. If they are going to spend money, they want something physical (see above). While giving the cards out yourself to those around you can be affective, we want to help you reach people and build fans in other areas. With our Download Card Distribution, we help you reach new fans you can't easily reach yourself. Stop giving away (or TRYING to sell) download cards on your own and let us up help.


This is the part of the music release and distribution process that most people, especially newer artists forget about or never do. Our Wavmuv team has been professionally involved in the music industry for many years, and when we created this company, we wanted to make sure we could be as much help to the artists as possible. Here are a few of the things we offer that often times get overlooked: DDP File Creation (this is the file that embeds the CD text onto your physical CDs so your name and song title appear), Bar Code Assignment, Publishing, Copyright, Release Graphics and Videos, Nielsen Sound Scan Registration. We want to make sure that when your music is released, it is done well and represents you as an artist. Welcome to Wavmuv.